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360 degree feedback has experienced an explosion of popularity in recent years. Many organizations have embraced 360 feedback because of its usefulness as a development tool. SIGMARadius takes 360 feedback to a new level, combining a quality assessment and a detailed report with the convenience of selecting raters, entering ratings, tracking status, and viewing reports online.

The SIGMARadius instrument consists of up to 51 work behaviors relevant to effective job performance. Self ratings are combined with ratings and comments provided by supervisors, colleagues, clients, vendors, and direct/indirect reports. Obtaining ratings from several sources provides multiple rating perspectives and increases the reliability and validity of the rating process.

Ratings and comments are combined in a report that presents a comprehensive profile of an individual's strengths and development opportunities. Comments and detailed development advice serve as coaching tools for enhancing job performance.


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SIGMA Assessment Systems is a founding member of the Association of Test Publishers, which has grown to include companies like Microsoft and Hewlett Packard. For over 30 years, SIGMA has developed innovative, practical solutions that withstand both the test of time and critical peer review. Click here to learn more about SIGMA.

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