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The Assessment

SIGMARadius is a comprehensive assessment tool designed to facilitate the development of leadership and managerial skills. Multiple raters assess a target employee on 51 work behaviors relevant to leadership effectiveness. In addition to self ratings, ratings and comments can be provided by clients, vendors, supervisors, colleagues, or direct/indirect reports.

The Report

Ratings and comments are pulled together in a detailed report (click here to view a sample) that provides scores on each of the 51 behaviors, including breakdowns by rater category, along with helpful development advice. The report can serve as a stand-alone development tool, or can play an important role in a larger employee review or development process.

The Site

SIGMARadius.Com presents both the instrument and the report in a highly configurable online environment that can accommodate varying approaches to 360 feedback. It can serve a purely developmental approach to feedback, where the person being rated drives the entire process, from selecting raters, to generating and viewing the report. It can also be configured to handle an appraisal or review based process, where a supervisor will be in control of selecting raters and generating the report.

Regardless of the configuration, SIGMARadius.Com provides tools that simplify the 360 feedback process. Ratings and comments are entered online in an easy-to-use format. Instructions can be emailed to raters or printed for distribution. The person driving the administration is provided with status pages and reminder tools to keep the process moving forward. Reports can be generated and viewed online as soon as the ratings are complete. The convenient PDF report allows for easy distribution and printing.


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