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For 40 years, SIGMA Assessment Systems has been researching and publishing psychological assessment tools, and supporting these tools through consulting services. Highly experienced in leadership selection and development, a strong focus has centered on the construction and validation of a quality 360 feedback assessment. The value of SIGMA's work in the 360 arena is exemplified by the use of the instrument in eight countries and six different languages. Our team of professionals includes industrial and organizational psychologists and experienced software developers. SIGMA has successfully completed 360 feedback processes for organizations ranging from as few as three to as many as 35,000 employees.


The founder of SIGMA Assessment Systems, Douglas N. Jackson, Ph.D., was a world authority on testing, assessment and performance appraisal. The SIGMARadius 360 degree feedback tool was developed according to Dr. Jackson's strict standards of excellence in testing.


The success of any 360 feedback process depends on the anonymity of the ratings. As a founding member of the Association of Test Publishers, SIGMA is committed to the highest standards of client confidentiality. SIGMA uses every possible safeguard to ensure complete confidentiality.

Contact SIGMA

For more information on how SIGMA can help you with your employee development and appraisal needs, please contact:
     SIGMA Assessment Systems, Inc.
     P.O. Box 610757
     Port Huron, MI 48061-0757
     Phone: 800.265.1285
     Fax: 800.361.9411

In Canada, please contact:
     SIGMA Assessment Systems, Ltd.
     P.O. Box 3292, Station B
     London, Ontario Canada N6A 4K3
     Phone: 800.401.4480
     Fax: 800.361.9411

For more information on SIGMA's many other fine products, please visit our main site at, or our online testing site at

SIGMA Assessment Systems, Inc.